Happy Farm

Happy Farm is a 3D colorful screensaver by ArcadeStudio.com. It depicts the cozy farm: a sunny day, a cottage house, horse and cows are pasturing, chickens are walking, you can listen to birds' song (song therapy is rather effective for stress and depression cure) and other natural sounds (flies buzz, cows moo).

The cows are happy as they are eating, walking and know nothing about roast beef and beefsteak. Happy Farm - a paradise. If you want to relax, just launch this wonderful screensaver and all your troubles will go away. Everybody dreams about calm, rustic life - get it now! The screen saver download is free so nothing prevents from trying it.

Happy Farm


Happy Farm 1.37

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    "fajna gra"

    Gra jest fajna ,choć czasem po aktualizacj wywala Moj id 3658509..   Więcej.